Updated July 14, 2020...

A close look at the latest developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic reveals an alarming recurrence of infections in more than half of States in the US.  This dire situation compels us to make a drastic but appropriate decision to cancel the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century including the virtual ride and move the event for next year due to the prevailing uncertainties. 

We regret that we simply cannot foresee how we can safely conduct the day-long event without violating and/or dispensing with proper protocols such as social distancing, requisite face masks, environment sanitations; and the difficulty of implementing the various protocols imposed by local and federal health authorities.  Moreover, we are convinced that this dreadful Corona Virus would still be threatening our lives long after the scheduled event would have lapsed.

This is, indeed, a lamentable course of action.  Nevertheless, we feel that we have an obligation and responsibility to our immediate community, and to our participants and volunteers by protecting them from this dangerous threat.

Sincerely yours,

Angelo Quitorio
BLDC director 

PS – this cancellation will not create a gap in considering the recipients of 5 Consecutive, and 10 Completed BLDC rides awards.

2019 Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century - Results and Photos


The Fresno Cycling Club and FACT proudly announce the conferment of recognition to the following categories:

A) 5-Consecutive completed BLDC rides

B) 10-Completed BLDC rides in a lifetime.

Here is the link of the current and prospective recipients of the awards courtesy of Charlie Irwin – the CTC data guy, who compiled, organized, and sorted these data.  Big thanks go out as well to Chuck Bramwell for providing and sharing these valuable data to us.





2015 Photos are available on our Facebook page.